Year: 2011

Are You Suited For Sex?

All play and no work makes a day at the office fun! 7 of Raging Stallion’s finest – including Jesse Santana, Tom Wolfe, and Marc Dylan – give new meaning to “the 9 to 5 grind” as they suit up, strip down, and fuck in this lately release.

Days of Cody’s Life

The saga of Cody Cummings – the quest of a girl on a sexual adventure – begins to heat up. Has our heroine found true love and ready to give all of herself? Will the evil network execs cancel this drama before our questions are answered and leave us UN-fulfilled?

Of Mechanics and Men

Phenix fixes Dean’s flux capacitor, gets his engines revving and firing on all cylinders before filling his tank and taking Dean on a hot joy ride.

The Game Is A-Shoe

When Justin has some downtime at work, he locks his door, puts on his tuxedo and jerks off while sniffing and licking his patent leather shoe.

Blind Lust

Paul Wagner fucks Andrew Jakk in Blind Lust

A hot film where Mason Wyler hooks his friends up by sending them blindfolded around his vineyard to randomly meet and fuck.

Making Art With Tommy, Mason, & Phenix

gay sex - Tommy Defendi Mason Star - Cockyboys

For Cocky Boys, making art leads to making love, and making love to two people at once is better. Mason, Tommy, and Phenix show us the joys of a hot, artistic threesome in this update. Catch the exclusive drawing I have that Tommy did of Mason for this scene!

Southern Stroker Taylor

New Southern Strokes star strokes his stuff. He’s a sexy, tall, built, blond, with a beautiful dick and warm smile.

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