NeonCams review, almost no cheap teen webcams

NeonCams review, almost no cheap teen webcams

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neoncamsIt’s time for another teen webcam site review. This time we chose NeonCams. NeonCams is now online for at least 1 year, so let’s find out if we can find some cheap teen webcams over there.

Entering NeonCams feels nice, and I really like their sexy site design.  Registering at NeonCams is easy, you do not need a credit card and it gives you unlimited free videochat. Click here to register. I saw 160 online models during this review, but unfortunately, only a few were availeble for free video chat. Apparently the rest was busy performing a private show, to be honoust I think that’s a bit strange and I find it hard to believe that almost all models are in private sessions all the time.

That aside, let us try to find some teens. The only way to search models is to use the “filter” option, a little confusing and I think it could use  some improvement. To find teen webcams, click the “18-21” filter; and all teen will appear. Another disappointment, only 12 teen profiles appeared, and almost all of them were “in private” again.

Well, since I haven’t found cheap teen webcams at NeonCams I guess it’s better to stop this review now. Despite the fact that I think NeonCams looks awesome and does have potential, at this point there really is not much to do for us teen lovers. I will keep you informed when NeonCams improves.

  • Pricing : 6
  • Cam quality / Options : 6
  • Choice performers / niches : 5
  • Overall Rating : 5.6

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